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Further research needs to be conducted in order to validate and obtain more information about the investigated fish biology, especially in the dry season as season plays a significant role in the growth pattern, fecundity, life cycle, feeding habits and physiology of fish Tesch ; Bagenal ; Froese ; Atama et al. Length-weight relationship and condition factor of some commercial fish species in Ogun State Coastal Estuary, Nigeria.

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Environ Toxicol Chem. Investigation of aspects of reproductive cycles of some selected fish species in River Hadejia, Jigawa State, Nigeria. J Biol, Agric Healthc. Adebisi AA. The relationships between the fecundities, gonadosomatic indices and egg sizes of some fishes of Ogun River Nigeria. Arch Hydrobiol. Actinopterygii: Hepsetidae. Munis Entomol Zool.

Afr J Agric Res. Asian J Envt Biol. Fish cage culture potential in Nigeria: an overview of national cultures. Agric Focus.

History of Fishes I Lecture

Age, growth and mortality of some commercially important fish species of the Gbedikere Lake, Kogi State, Nigeria. Int J Lakes Rivers. Variability in levels of heavy metals in water and fish Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus tissues from Badagry creek, Nigeria. J Biol Life Sci. ISSN Analysis of the condition of the reproductive system in fishes in connection with bioindication: a study on the Siberian sturgeon A. Voprosy Ikhtyologii. Akponine J, Ayoade AA. Length-weight relationship, condition factor and fecundity of the African Pike Hepsetus odoe Bloch, in Eleiyele Reservoir, Ibadan, south-west Nigeria.

Zool Ecol. Alam M, Pathak JK. Assessment of fecundity and gonadosomatic index of commercially important fish, Labeo rohita from Ramganga river. Int J Pharma Bio Sci. The reproductive biology of the cyprinid, Thynnichthys thynnoides Bleeker , in the Chenderoh Reservoir—a small tropical reservoir in Malaysia. Ambani MM. Effects of reproductive biology on heavy metal pollution on the histopathological structure of gonads in India. Adv Aquac Fish Mgmt. Anene A. Condition factor of four chichlid species of a man-made lake in Imo state, south-eastern Nigeria.

Turkish J Fisheries Aquatic Sci.

Ecology of sound communication in fishes

Food, feeding and fecundity in African pike. Hepsetus odoe Bloch. Niger J Nat Sci. Arawomo GA. Arawomo GAO.

2nd Edition

Biosci Res Comm. Variability in maturity and growth in a heavily exploited stock: cod Gadus morhua L. Length-weight relationship and condition factor of six cichlid Cichilidae: Perciformis species of Anambra River, Nigeria. J Fish Aquac.

The Diversity of Fishes

Baba-Usman I. Sci World J. Bagenal TB. In: Bagenal, editor. Methods for assessment of fish production in freshwaters. IBP Handbook No. London: Black Well Scientific Publications; Bagenal TB, Braum E. Eggs and early life history. IBP Handbook. Oxford, 3: Blackwell Scientific Publication; Age and growth. In: Bagenal TB, editor. Fish production in freshwater. Oxford, London: Blackwell; Balogun, K. The biological survey of fishes in Epe lagoon M. Thesis, University of Lagos, Lagos. Barnard K.

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A pictorial guide to South African fishes. Cape Town: Maskew Miller Limited; Physiological condition-related indicators of environmental stress in fish. In: Adams SM, editor. Biological indicators of aquatic ecosystem stress. Bethesda: American Fisheries Society; Bayley PB. Factors affecting growth rates of young tropical floodplain fishes: seasonality and density-dependence.

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