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1. Vox Mini3 G2 Guitar Amp

Check out this article, How to Hack a Headphone Jack to see how to do this with some common types of headphones. Great circuit LM with bass boost. I would like to add the other channel stereo by duplicating all relevant components.

Step 1: Parts and Schematic

Can you share the PCB layout in this article? Is there any advantage to supplying the LM with 9v instead of something closer to the minimum 4v it requires? The LM cannot amplify more than the input voltage, if you have a 1V input signal the output will max out at 5V. So the input signal will get oversteered fairly quick. The default gain is I use a 12V supply and a pot meter to attenuate the input signal to something below 0.

A class D would be better but much more complex. If your buck converter is efficient enough you can make the battery last longer. I also am confused by the pf cap C6. Looks like there must be a typo somewhere as each side is shown connected to ground??

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Thank you for this circuit. I built a stereo amp a while ago and fixed me some nice pc speakers. Why do we need uF and 0. Or is the uF acting as a buffer for the bass? I understood from your other tutorials that C2 and R1 act as low pass filter. When I google for RC low pass filter the load is connected between the resistor and capacitor.

Here C2 and R1 are in series. I have tested it and I see indeed that it works as a low pass filter. But how? Could you tell me more about the theory here? Thanks btw for this great article and all the others! Sir i am also interest to do this circuit, And I need speaker specification In which Rate of Speaker to be work on this circuit with best bass and volume. Sir I want to use a condenser microphone as my input instead of using audio jack. How can I do it??

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  5. I took a lot of time to see. Built this one today, in stereo set 1 for right channel and 1 for left channel.

    How to Build Your Own Mini Altoids Guitar Amp for About $5 « Mad Science :: WonderHowTo

    I used the LM and looking to replace it for the LM Only negative thing is when I connect the bass boost that there is a lot of dB loss. Do you want an analog FM radio circuit or a chip that does all the complex RF stuff? Is it possible to get boost mid and boost trebles controls putting more 0. First of all it was veryy amazing to see such an elaborate and simply designed project. Great Job. Can u please tell what kind of speaker to use? Like is there any power rating associated? Thanks alot. Hi, I am building an amplifier for 8 Ohm, 80 Watt speakers. I want it to be stereo, as well as to have a subwoofer.

    I have tried and tried and tried to build this amp in every different way. I have spent probably more than 24 hours working on this. Finally, with this design, I can just barely make out the big notes, as louder crackles than the constant crackles that it produces. When I pause, it is absolutely silent, so I fixed that. It sounds like no one else is having this problem. Please, if anyone knows what might be going on, I will give you my firstborn child in exchange for the answer. This can be frustrating, I know.

    There are many possibilities. You might have a faulty component. Just build another circuit without reusing any single component from your current build. See if it works.

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    I once had a problem and it boiled down to a connection with the alligator clip. I bought a new set of jumper wires and one of the jumper wires had a broken connection between the alligator clip and the wire. So, use everything new and start from scratch. The circuit works, although that one cap is useless, as has been pointed out by many previous people.

    Great post. Extremely helpful info specifically the remaining part : I deal with such information a lot.

    Top 10 Portable Guitar Amps

    I used to be looking for this certain information for a long time. We are the renowned supplier, wholesaler and trader of dj amplifier in india introduce high quality dj amplifier in wide range as per customer budget and preference. Our dj amplifier have best quality circuits which can keep going for a more extended time. First of all thank you for this great tutorial.

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    • LM386 Basics!

    Nice and easy to follow. Inspired by this project, I have built a stereo amplifier using two LM Basically speaking, I have doubled the schematic, sharing same 12V power supply, and using stereo pots. Assembly was ok. Amp is working ok, but I noticed one channel volume is a bit lower compared to the other. I think problem is in one or more components. What should I do to debug? Which component could be faulty?

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