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Journey to Joy

One person came up to me one day and told me that it looked like my light had gone out and that she prayed it would come back because it was a light that was needed.

A light gone out is not something that brings others to Christ and that really got me praying for a change. I can tell you that one of the main reasons that I let life get me down and I lost my joy is I started listening to my problems and my pain much more than I was listening to God.

But the Lord sustained me and loved me through it all. Truly trusting God for maybe the first time in my whole life.

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The very first class I felt God speak so clearly to me and give me a lot of clarity on what He was trying to do in my life. A few months later, not surprisingly the theme for the semester was JOY. All of the songs spoke to my heart and helped me see exactly what God was wanting to teach me. In one of the devotionals it talked about how true joy is found in God alone.

Ronaldinho and the eternal journey to joy

So much beauty and love and things to experience that point us to Him and give us the tiniest glimpse of what our forever home in Heaven will look like. And He will never leave us or make us go through anything alone. All of that just overwhelms me. His care for the details of my life just overwhelms me. Really taking time to pray and really trusting God whatever His answer.

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I have prayed more this year than I ever have and it gives me this joy deep down and releases so much stress. But it also can feel a lot like happy, too.

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She and her husband have two boys, Luke 1 and Beau 4. To find a class near you, start a class in your area or find information on becoming an instructor check out our website at www. A global leader in talent management and highly sought-after speaker, Joy Fitzgerald has dedicated her career to improving the lives of individuals, one person at a time. With more than twenty-five years of leadership experience in Human Resources, she is a strategic thought-partner and change agent in developing human capital solutions that drive peak performance. Known as a "transformational leader," Joy is an advocate and powerful voice in creating change for diverse populations.

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Joy is a devoted mother and wife. She is married to her college sweetheart, Tyron, and has two wonderful young adult children, Taylor and Tyron Jr.

Journey to Joy

It's emotional, therapeutic, and a must read! About the book: Countless women struggle to navigate the complex world of womanhood. Event date:.

Journey to Joy - Empowering women to fly!

Friday, February 15, - pm to pm. Event address:. Memphis , TN