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Une transfiguration mutuelle : bouddhisme-christianisme

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Comité de traduction Padmakara

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Provide detailed accounts of the practice within communities, with emphasis on converts. Unfortunately few theoretical developments and a lack of consistency in the presentation. Raises the issue of the "Asian memoir" of the Buddhism for converts. Champion, D. Hervieu-Leger eds.

Expansion du bouddhisme via la route de la soie

Detailed description of the forms and regulation processes of the practices and the beliefs among converts. Both trends are seen as adaptation to a western context. Highly informative, with analytical perspectives; AK]. The author examines the difficulties encountered by the SG in the French ideological and political context.

Convert Buddhism is much more media-covered and seen as "philosophic", while an Asian Buddhism is considered as exotic. Ebihara, Carol A.

Mortland, Judy Ledgerwood eds. This system also supplies heating in mid-season and allows a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of something like tons per year.