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He understood that by sowing the seeds of buddhadharma there, when it declined in India it would live on in Tibet.

What is Lojong?

For that reason, he went all the way to Indonesia to meet Serlingpa, the only master who still held that combined lineage of the bodhisattva vow…. Like the diamond, the sun, the medicinal tree, it the Seven Points of Mind Training, or Lojong is the principal, ever precious discipline. The Buddha gave many different teachings and instructions according to the abilities and propensities of his students. The methods vary in levels of difficulty and of accomplishment, but among the countless dharma practices, Lojong is the superlative discipline.

Another simile distinguishes the brilliance of Lojong: these very precious teachings are said to shine as brightly as the sun itself. We have at our disposal all kinds of artificial light such as candlelight, gaslight, or electric light. But in the sun, all artificial lights are redundant.

The sun completely dispels darkness and everything is shown clearly in its presence. Similarly, Lojong clears the ignorance of our mind and reveals everything as it is.

Introducing Seven-point Mind Training and The Four Reminders | The Buddhist Centre

A third simile highlights the special power of Lojong to accelerate our progress on the path: Mind Training is like the roots of a medicinal tree. Besides Mr. But you should read them all and decide for yourself. A selection is listed below. If you are attracted to these teachings, please seek out a qualified lama to guide you through them.

A lama can save you a lot of time and heartache. Email: info lionsroardharmacenter. Web: Lion's Roar Dharma Center. Random Lojong Slogan Start Page.

Lojong: Mahayana Mind Training

A pdf file in A4 and A5 booklet formats containing three different translations of the root verses of The Seven Points of Mind Training from :. If you wish to further study The Seven Points of Mind Training , you can explore the various contemporary commentaries that exist.

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You can also explore the Lotsawa House Lojong section , which offers many lojong texts for free, in several languages. This Week's Home Study. Teachings by Topic.

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