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Seeing these wonderful old machines given new life in many interesting ways really speaks to the builder and craftsperson in me. Long live the restorers and those that give them space to work their magic — in the hangar and in the air. It was my favorite show and it not only caused me to fall in love with Corsairs, but warbirds in general.

My husband and I raised 3 sons who went to every Airshow within driving distance. My youngest is a marshaller in the CAF. Great Spread! I understand it crashed in San Diego with Marshal Moss at the controls. This is some fantastic reading.

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I loved watching these shows on TV. Thanks for putting it out for us to see and read about. Palau saw a lot of naval action, and was bombarded for a week by ships and planes from a carrier flotilla. Anyway, I have pictures of a Corsair that crash landed on Angaur Island, and to testify to how good the paint on these planes was, the star and bar was still visible after all those years in the jungle. My first job after WWII and college was with Goodyear Aerospace in Akron and there were a couple of people who talked about the Goodyear Corsair with the bigger engine.

Some even talked about the Air Show up in Cleveland and the Corsair that flew there?????? A nice career!!!!! Enjoyed the article very much as it brought back some fond memories.

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I did see a Dick Martin mentioned in the article. Could you mean Gerald Martin? He and Junior Burchinal were good friends and made some of the landing and take off scenes from the movie set. Gerald Martin passed away in October of at the age of He was an amazing pilot and he taught me how to survive as a crop duster pilot. I got to set in the cockpit of the F4U he flew back to Hereford after completing the flying scenes for the series.

The one with the white arrow painted on the right wing. Please let me know about Gerald Martin. I had the thrill of sitting in the cockpit and looking it over. If you remember the opening formation scene of the series, the first Corsair with the white arrow on the right wing banks to the left. You can clearly see the late Gerald Martin in the cockpit. The service record of is remarkable and happy to learn it is on display and still airworthy.

We also talked about Gerald Martin and their friendship. When I arrived at Flying Tiger Field in Paris, TX the following Saturday, I was told by the overseer that Junior was gone and would not be around for a while… Never got to fly my favorite war bird or meet Junior in person. Baa, Baa, Baaaaaa! Did anyone ever tell you why Junior was going to be gone for a while?

Junior was a great guy who had an array of WWII aircraft!

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Nothing for him to take you up in one and never paid a nickel. I really missed out by never going through his school. Keep up the good work! We buzzed Houston before an airshow there. All 4 in the DC-7B were killed, and one of the F pilots died as well. No one on the ground were injured, although the schoolyard had just been emptied at the end of recess!

After the crash, where did they bury the other survivors? Good catch. Girls fly too and Girls were inspired by this show too! In , my father was transferred to the new Chevrolet assembly plant in Panaroma City from Oakland next to Van Nuys, another airport with all types of aircraft and mentioned in your F4 article.

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I used to take my 36 Chevy over there just to see the planes. After college, I spent about 35 years in the high speed photographic instrumentation cinematography field.

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This field of work would eventually put me into certifying pilots attempting to set new low altitude speed records, wth the first being Darryl Greenameyers F record at Mud lake Tonopah, NV in This is reather a long read in which takes me to the subject, Baa Baa Black Sheep. My father became friends with Pappy Boyington when living and working in Van Nuys. Great article,great pictures. The 1st. I am from the UK and only got to see a few of the shows but loved seeing the corsairs flying and have been to oshkosh 5 times now over the years to see and get up close to them.

Wonderful memories.

That’s all. See you over there.

If anyone knows where his Corsair is now, we would love to know. Any information you can pass along would be appreciated. Thank you! Courtney Ortner. Hi Courtney. Do you have a number you can be reached at the airport? Great article about an iconic airplane!! Through a friend of his. Tom was just landing his T6 when I arrived and he was gracious enough to let me tour his hangars.

A very high point in my life,as I was a Vietnam era Huey pilot and maintenance officer.

P-38 Lightning Unforgettable Missions of Skill and Luck

What a great history lesson! Now I can identify the different aircraft! It was always kept in pristine flying condition Beautiful We were producing another great Chance Vought plane at that time, the F8U Crusader thru ,. My Dad, Maj.

Bush, USMC ret. He was Carrier Qualified with 32 traps and said while the cat shots were exhilarating, carrier landings soaked his flight suit with sweat. Dad led the 2nd combat mission to fly over and bomb the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang. I also have his log books with his solo being made in a N2S-3, Stearman and his final flight 21 years later in a C45J, twin engine Beech.

A career that started with bi-planes and ended with jets, not to mention 2 major wars. Thanks for listening, Art. Bush, Hello, my name is John Lang, my father I think knew your father? Dad spent 36 years in the Corps as an aviator.

Enlisted in and retired July Dad had a long career, plus 30 years of retirement with my mom in San Diego. She still lives there. Sadly though we lost dad to gall bladder cancer in Dec. Dad always said his greatest love besides my mom was the Corsair! Grumpy mouth and little tinfoil packet on the fin? Later model JB or C. Letterbox mouth and clean vertical fin: early J Chengdu J Should be an easy one to spot. Has two vertical tails unlike any other canard delta aircraft.

Two bum-holes. Weird boat-like hull shaped body like an F or F Wings are relatively small compared to the main body and the little triangles are extremely far from the big triangles. Like the J, it has little fins on the rear underside of the body.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning "fork-tailed devil"

Looks like a cool futuristic baddy plane bit like Firefox. These guys have a big triangle at the front at a little triangle at the back, which looks more traditional. The Raptor is big and loud and the cockpit canopy the big glass window reflects with a weird gold sheen like that of the Rafale and F it contains gold I think.

Bobby Fischer

The wings and tail are weirdly angular as if designed by a nerd with a ruler. The bum-holes look like zig-zaggy paddles or the vizor on a Gothic suit of armour. Zigzagged panel lines are there to help aircraft hide from radar, so are seen on stealthy designs like the F, F, J and to a lesser extent, Rafale. Credit: militarymachines. Is that an F? Similar look, but whereas the Raptor looks like a perky athletic Alsatian guard dog with alert eyes and tail high, the F looks a fatter hound drooping from exhaustion. F has one bum-hole and smaller less swept wings. The F is also smaller.

Reasonably common in the US, and in small communities around the world in rich countries.