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Intelligence is important for a skillful Weaver. So it is up to the weaver to decide where he wishes to excel. Weapon and armor proficiency - Soul Weavers are trained in very few things save for Soul Weaving - but even a Soul Weaver knows that one must be able to protect oneself. Therefore, they are trained in the use of the All simple Weapons,Whips and one Martial weapon of their choice.

They are not proficient with any armor, but they are proficient with all shields except tower shield. Because the soul must be allowed to flow from the body, armor's arcane spell failure chance applies to Soul Weaving. Shields, on the other hand, do not affect Soul Weaving. Fast healing SU - Upon attaining 4th level ,the Soul weaver can manipulate his physical form to match his spiritual one and thus gains Fast Healing 1. At 8th level and every four class levels after, the Fast Healing increases by one point Fast Healing 2 at 8th level, Fast Healing 3 at 12th and so on. Soul Companion SU - Beginning at first level a Soul Weaver gains the ability to take a piece of his soul and shape it into an creature using the Formula below.

Once a Soul Companion's form is chosen, it takes 10 hours to create. Once created, a Soul Companion can be summoned as a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and dismissed as a Full round action that provokes at attack of opportunity. The Soul Companion Can only be reformed in a ritual that takes 1 hour per SR of the former companion. However The soul companion may be augmented and changed slightly, Following the system below.

The time to do so is calculated by taking the new SR of the creature and subtracting the Soul weavers WIS modifier, the remaining number is the amount of hours it takes Min 1.

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The Soul weaver may learn new forms for his soul companion, however this new form, and each consecutive form, have their SR maximum's reduced by 2. The maximum amount of forms the Soul weaver may learn is equal to his Wisdom modifier. The Spirit Companion May be summoned in any form that is known to the Weaver. The Weaver if he has the proper Soul slot allotment may summon the multiple forms at once but never the same form more than once.

A Soul companion may shift between forms as a Standard action that does not provoke Attacks of opportunity.

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SR Means Spirit Rating. When a Soul weaver summons his soul companion he and the Soul companion Take on this new ability. However, all can take a 5 ft step when appropriate or make Attacks of Opportunity. The Communal Beings all act on the Same initiative roll using the highest Initiative Modifier amongst them. This damage is cumulative. If another companion is destroyed on the same day, the Soul Weaver suffers the ability damage anew.

The Destroyed Soul companion may be reformed over the time it takes to heal the ability damage. The reformation requires 1 hour of meditation each day while you are recovering. Any equipment a Corporeal Soul companion had when dismissed is left behind to be taken by the Soul weaver. To Create your companion. You must use the following system.

Each ability you add will affect the SR of your companion to a Varying degree. You are limited in the abilities you may add to a form by your CR limits.

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The "Shape and body" of your companion can take ANY form you wish, a Dragon form companion could look like a Rage drake or a Gold dragon. As the Dragon and Giant forms are a Bit more powerful to start they start at SR 2, thus they are not as customizable as the others at first. Each Form is also going to have a standard Array of stats That will be able to be augmented at a later time. Size does not have to be exact but it MUST be as close as possible.

It is possible to have a medium sized elephant, or a medium sized Tyrannosaur. The only exception to this rule is Dragons. They MUST start at small size. This does not effect the effective SR of the creature.

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When a Soul companion reaches 0 HP it is instantly destroyed. As the Creature follows it's HD progression it will grow in size if it normally would when reaching a certain HD Amount.

Soul Weaver

An Animal form Soul companion in the form of a wolf that started at medium size, at 4 HD would grow to large size and incur all the normal changes that come with Size increase. As Well. Any creature that starts at a Size smaller than its normal base size Such as an elephant will grow one size category every 4 HD until it hits it's Base size. This incurs all the normal penalties and boosts as normal. This however does not apply to dragons. Dragons only Grow in size based on their Normal HD rates. Which is determined by the type of dragon it is emulating.

As you grow your companion will also need to grow with you. As your SR limits grow you may add new abilities to the creature form you chose. These abilities must be from the list that corresponds with the Form you chose for the companion, or the General list, which are able to be taken by all companions.

I finished my long time goal of a legendary weapon by finally building enough confidence, pugging a few runs of CoE, and getting my Meteorlogicus done on October 19, I've began to work on the ascended crafting next by starting work on getting all crafting disciplines to So far, Huntsman and Tailor are there and Armorsmithing is slowly rising. I also have a small stock of Damask , Spiritwood , Elonian Leather , and Deldrimor Steel ready, though certainly not enough for a whole set of armor weapon could be a different thing. I'll also try to do the missing Living Story season 2 achievements at some point so that I can get the luminescent armor.

I've purchased a fair amount of character slots, bank tabs and collection expanders with the gems I've had. Some of the gems came from in-game gold, mostly on the very early days because the prices are absolutely bonkers these days, some from gem cards I've been gifted, and some from me spending my own money on them. Jump to: navigation , search.

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Hi there! I was a somewhat active player from the early launch to Halloween and again from Wintersday to around late February, after which I took a hiatus that lasted for multiple months. I fully returned sometime during Bazaar of the Four Winds and, probably in my frustration of Scarlet Briar plastered all over the Living Story, went on a second hiatus shortly after Tower of Nightmares debuted, missing yet another batch of releases and being away all the way until the beginning of Season 2.

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