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Now and again I cover them with water, and they drink. Our neighbor, tall and blonde and vigorous, the mother of many children, is sick. We did not know she was sick, but she has come to the fence, walking like a woman who is balancing a sword inside of her body, and besides that her long hair is gone, it is short and, suddenly, gray. It even occurs to me that it might be her mother.

All summer the children, grown now and some of them with children of their own, come to visit. They swim, they go for long walks along the harbor, they make dinners for twelve, for fifteen, for twenty. They all smile. Their father smiles too, and builds castles on the shore with the children, and drives back to the city, and drives back to the country. A carpenter is hired—a roof repaired, a porch rebuilt. Everything that can be fixed. June, July, August. Novel that captures the wonder of wild places and is warm with humanity.

In an isolated village in the north woods of Maine, eccentric Cam Calloway is the last of the trappers. The hostility of the community toward his profession intensifies the rare and lovely relationship Cam has with his son. Basis for Walt Disney film 'Those Calloways'. Similar to 'Dawson's Creek' TV show.

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Published But what she saw changed all that. Boatyard Ducklings : RL: Ages Two young girls spending their summer along costal Maine find that a wild mallard has laid a nest of eggs in their rowboat. First in science fiction series The Zambinos of Blue Hill. A story of high adventure set in the year in the town of Blue Hill, Maine.

Available online through iUniverse. Glenn Chadbourne. Danny learns about lobstering and his grandfather learns that wire traps catch more lobsters than wooden traps. A Maine Moose : RL: ages Maynard always thought that he was too big, too noisy, and clumsy, but all his forest friends knew that he was really kind, and gentle and very special. This is the story of Maynard, and how he came to be honored as the state animal of his native Maine.

An autistic visitor gives Megan a chance to do something unselfish, for which she is rewarded.

Independence Day setting. Once there, he realizes there's a lot to see and do in the wintry woods -- and begins to build a deep bond with his grandfather. Tricia Tusa : RL: ages ; Puffin chapter book On Seal Island off the coast of Maine based on Monhegan Island , a place aswarm with pets of all kinds, nine-year-old Pru plans to keep her teacher from leaving by finding her a dog. Barlett lives in Vermont. BATES, Betty Ask Me Tomorrow : RL: Ages Although fifteen-year-old Paige thinks he is determined to get away from home and pursue his own career goals in the big city, thirteen-year-old Abby confuses the issue by helping him see his Maine countryside in a more appreciative way.

Set in New England.

Vladimir Bobri : RL: Juvenile pp. Maine setting? Seapiece: The Story of a Maine Boy ; ill. A boy with a difficult home life longs for a life of music. When they are threatened with disaster, it's Sarey on whom depends the success of the family's new life. When Johnny Dixon takes a tiny skull from a haunted dollhouse, demonic forces are released, capturing Professor Childermass and leading Johnny on a harrowing chase to a deserted island off the coast of Maine. Sunset Island : Along with two of her new friends Samantha 'Sam' Bridges and Carolyn 'Carrie' Alden , eighteen-year-old Emma Cresswell has been hired as an au pair on Sunset Island, a tiny island off the coast of Maine where the rich and famous like to vacation.

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Everybody Needs a Hideaway : Somewhere in the woods of western Maine, there is a hideaway tree, in a secret place where a boy and his dog can be. Ben and his dog share the forest and marsh beneath Ben's treehouse with birds and beaver, red squirrels and crows and grouse and moose. Dawn Peterson : RL: ages Baxter has a peculiar hobby for a Maine bear he collects hats , and Moses is not your typical moose he has cold feet , and each has a vexing problem to solve.

A humorous tale of cross-purposes. Part of the 'Your Fair Land' series. Bear reading, a nosey chipmunk, more. Novel about an innocent sixteen-year-old English girl sentenced to prison for theft. She escapes to pre-Revolutionary Maine and gets caught up in the struggle for American independence. Based on actual incidents. They live on Spindrift Island where Rick's father heads a group of scientists working in the field of electronics.

Here and abroad, the boys encounter thrilling adventures and solve baffling mysteries. Second book in the series. His latest plan is to marry his brother Peter's sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman. The story of the friendship that grows between two very different boys during a summer in Maine. A handicap proves no barrier to love, trust and adventure. Two On an Island : RL: Juvenile On an uninhabited Maine island from which their rowboat has drifted away, nine-year-old Trudy and twelve-year-old Jeff endure a three-day trial of survival, fighting hunger, sunburn, and nighttime cold.

Historical data based on lost Gloucester fishing schooner. That Jud!

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Also features Jud's terrier-mix dog. The grandmother is cool to Evan, and Evan is forced to discover the island people on her own. One afternoon she poke around the attic of the island home looking for things to make her room homey. The memories she stirs up in Gram from the articles she brings downstairs starts Gram on the road to a better time. Juggins and her father, both lobster fishermen, live in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine.

When her father is accused of stealing lobsters from other fishermen's traps, Juggins and her summer friend Jimmy set out to clear her father's name. The telegram says that her father died when his Thunderbolt aircraft was shot down by the Germans over Holland. But for Molly, that's impossible. She feels certain that her father has found a way to survive. As her small fishing town of Keenan, Maine, struggles with the deprivations of wartime, Molly awaits a sign from her father. Teenaged Ben is the only person to realize the dangerous meaning of the underwater light which has affected the minds of the other young people in his small town in Maine.

Laurel Molk : RL: ages Nate's visit to Grandpappy's house in Maine is filled with such everyday adventures as finding a four-leaf clover, watching a gray heron, and shopping for supplies. Though her job isn't easy, she has a few thrilling experiences, including exploring the secret of Middle Island's spooky old house.

Sweet little story set in the author's childhood home area in rural Maine.

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A teenage girl discovers that the sinister forces at work on a Maine island center around an old lobsterman. Ditto ; ill. Sandra Willcox : RL: ages A girl visiting her grandfather in a tiny town in Maine does her best to be accepted by the three boys her age, but they are uninterested in having a girl join their club until some strange events begin to draw them together. Robert Quackenbush : RL: ages In a little town in Maine the old narrow gauge railroad is gradually replaced by cars, trucks, and buses that do the same job just as well -- or can they?