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I'm about a week behind in updating and reviewing. Waylaid by schoolwork and then a nasty illness that makes my brain fuzzy and not be able to concentrate on words. Hopefully it goes away soon! For his part, Marcelo is perfectly content to spend the summer before his senior year of high school working as a stablehand at his alternative school, but his father has other plans.

At first Marcelo just wants to succeed at his job so that he can go back to Paterson for his senior year. But the discovery of the discarded picture of a disfigured girl leads Marcelo along a journey to discover his place in the world, the decisions in his hands, and what he can do to help. Sensitive, touching, and hopeful, this remarkable book will make you rethink your position in life, and the influences you can have on it.

Marcelo is an incredibly genuine protagonist. Reading his narration feels in a way like a novelization of the character of Forrest Gump: that charming, yet heartbreaking, guilelessness, the literal way with which he looks at the world, the difficult lessons he can only learn through experience. The completeness with which Francisco Stork seems to know his protagonist is astonishing, and convincingly touching as a result.

In a sense, Marcelo in the Real World is a celebration of characters, both good and bad. A law firm is an interesting but quite genius place to set such a story, as it allows Marcelo—and readers—to come in contact with people who lie and manipulate, and yet have people they love, and dreams they aspire to.

Sometimes the plot feels slow it took a few chapters before I got into the story , and sometimes the scenes are disjointed, but overall Marcelo in the Real World is an amazing accomplishment. I highly recommend that everyone read this book: it might encourage you to approach the world around you differently, with a more open mind and heart.

I hope my local library gets a copy soon!

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Marcelo is going on the TBR, it sounds great. I really liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time last year so this one sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the review! Marcelo sounds really good, another wishlist addition! To his horror, an X appears on his thumb, indicating that his father was a superhero! Damien gets carted off to live with his father, the Crimson Flash, and his family, with the hopes that the hero within him may awaken.

Damien would rather go back to his old life of pranking and hanging out with his best friend and ex-girlfriend, Kat. However, an unexpected friendship with Sarah Kink turns his life upside down when he gets sucked into a battle of good versus evil, and he must decide which side he stands on. Review The Rise of Renegade X is an astonishingly interesting debut YA novel that subverts the usual paradigms of the YA genre and our preconceptions of good and evil. And it does this all in the most entertaining way possible! A perfect balance of snark, sincerity, and your typical adolescent male stupidity, Damien will charm you into falling for his screwed-up ways. Book Stand Archive - New Book Arrivals |

The plot meanders through family subtleties, adolescent complexities, and the absurdity of a comic book, and so does get a bit choppy at times. The love triangle between Kat, Damien, and Sarah is marvelously believable, lacking the flatness that can often occur in such satirical situations. All I can say is that, plotting issues aside, it is one enjoyable ride for anyone who likes superheroes, supervillains, giggle-inducing adolescent humor, and a great narrative voice. For Chorians need to be part of a pair to survive, and Mavkel has lost his birth-pair. Joss tackles prejudiced teachers, heavy security, a distant mother, and her own enigmatic background, but when Mavkel begins to waste away, Joss knows that the only way to save him is to go back in time and discover her own lineage.

The result is a startling discovery that will rock what everyone believes of the Centre. Joss is, without a doubt, my kind of girl. A bit jaded, a bit too smart for her own good, she is thoroughly entertaining to read about. Science fiction is difficult to write because it involves creating a thorough world and to consider the implications of adding any detail to the story.

Is there anything Jewish mama Rain Pryor — Richard’s daughter — can’t do?

The one complaint I had about this book was the predictability of the ending. I figured out how things were going to unfold several chapters before Joss did. I sure wish my local library would get a copy in soon. I read Singing the Dogstar Blues a couple of years ago and enjoyed it a lot. I am glad to see you did too. Hopefully your local library will get a copy as soon as it comes out, though!

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I think those are two books both you and your daughter would enjoy. Griffin must return the stolen wishes, or else her own wishes still never come true ever again. But how will she return the wishes when many of those original wish-makers are no longer alive? Review The Wish Stealers is a quick and interesting read with important lessons about individual strength buried within an entertaining tale. I found most remarkable the way with which Tracy Trivas infuses this admittedly far-fetched tales with the universal morals of taking responsibility and action for your own happiness, instead of relying on wishful thinking.

Nearly all of the school scenes—hateful teachers, impossibly difficult workloads, quizzes in the first week of school—felt faked. Certain magical elements such as the Macbeth witches popped in and out of the story with seemingly no better reason than to add to the creepiness factor, while coincidences that help Griffin out with her task happen too serendipitously to be truly believable. The Wish Stealers is ultimately a charming story with a great message about the importance of believing in yourself and taking charge of your own happiness.

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Interspersed between more typical chronological narration are diary-like entries in which she lets her emotions shine through. The result is a unique, though perhaps difficult to swallow, look into the life of a woman whose dreams of relaxation and success were forever thwarted by money troubles, useless dependents, and tragic deaths. She soon discovers, however, that the DJs are all vampires!

Vampires are trapped in the time at which they died and so need to be immersed in the culture of that particular era in order to stay sane. After all, no one is going to truly believe that the DJs are vampires—it will just make a great marketing ploy. If you like your protagonists bold and witty, look no further than Ciara Griffin. Her irreverent narration makes Wicked Game a nonstop entertaining and mindblowing read.

Ciara is a remarkably well-developed heroine: not only is she an original thinker who exudes appeal in the here and now, she also has a tender family history that is almost always subconsciously at odds with the woman she has turned herself into after her complicated childhood.

This balance of present-day confidence and psychoanalytical complexities ensures that readers will never tire of learning about Ciara and following her around. No more are they impeccably perfect and sparkly. These vampires are dangerous: the risks that Ciara takes on with her job and romantic pursuits are almost deliciously tangible.

At the same time, the vampires are also flawed, neurotic in their compulsions and need of staying connected with their era. Toss in a hint of danger—that lethal combination of supernatural superstrength and human vulnerabilities—and you really crank the heat up in the romance and action departments. Suffice it to say that it is highly unlikely that a more well researched, smart, and supremely enjoyable paranormal read is currently out there. Jeri Smith-Ready has sated my demands for excellence in this genre, and has left me wanting much more from Ciara and her unforgettable vampires.

Thanks for the recommendations, Stephanie. Well the Wicked Game is definitely going on the wishlist!

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If only she had not taken so long getting ready that morning. If only she had yelled out when she saw the car approaching. But then Lacey starts a group at school for students with dead parents, and slowly she learns how love changes and can fit into her new life without forgetting the past. The different situations, breakdowns, and verbal showdowns that Kristin Harmel portrays in this story are rendered accurately and sensitively.

And, unfortunately, there really was nothing new in this book: there are already a number of YA books on grief out there. AFTER is a quick but ultimately forgettable read that may perhaps best be enjoyed by readers who either understand what Lacey is going through or are looking for an easy and quick read.

What follows is an intense relationship of sex, fascination, and Michael reading to Hanna. For a while, Michael and Hanna existed outside the boundaries of reality. Then, one day, Hanna disappears without a word. Michael next sees Hanna many years later, when he is a law student and she is on trial for Nazi war crimes.

As the trial progresses and Hanna seems to make no effort to save herself, Michael realizes that she is hiding a secret that she may find more shameful than even her deeds in the prison camp. The narrative distance made it difficult for me to connect to and empathize with Michael. Very little occurs in the book, and what happens, actually happened before the time in which Michael narrates his story, due to the distant narration thing.

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I read this book for a class, and overall, I was extremely unsatisfied. It looks pretty good. I am sorry you did not enjoy The Reader more.