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James Franck, Apr. Koehler: Conversations in Germany, Apr. Franck: Letter to Walther Gerlach, May 3, Lenard: A Big Day for Science. May 13, Kopfermann: Letter to Niels Bohr, May 23, Heisenberg: Letter to Max Born, June 2, Bosch: Letter to Fritz Haber, June 16, Haber: Letter to Carl Bosch, June 22, Thomson: Letter to George Jaffe, July 18, Stark: Organization of Physical Research, Sep.

Stark: Personal Evaluations of G. Hertz and R. Mie: Letter to Max von Laue, Nov. Wien: Physics at German Universities, late Nov. Nordmeyer: Letter to Lise Meitner, May 21, Lenard: Foreword to German Physics, August Stark: Comment on W. Heisenberg's Reply, Feb. Debye: Comment on the Preceding Article by E.

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Gehrcke, May 4, Heisenberg, H. Wien: Petition, Spring Rust: Creation of a Research Council, Mar. Krauch: Youth to the Front Line. New Blood in Science and Technology, August Heyer: Review of E. Gunther's Military Physics, Apr. Bosch: Letter to Reich Minister W. Frick, May 20, Prandtl: Letter to Heinrich Himmler, July 12, Himmler: Letter to Reinhard Heydrich, July 21, Himmler: Letter to Werner Heisenberg, July 21, Himmler: Letter to Ludwig Prandtl, July 21, Prandtl: Mechanics, c.

April Geiger: Experimental Physics, c. Esau: Technical Physics, c. Mentzel enclosing Report on Heisenberg, May 26, Flugge: Exploiting Atomic Energy, Aug. Schumann: Armed Forces and Research, Planck: Max von Laue, Oct.

A Wartime Conference in Berlin, Sep. Muller: Theoretical Physics at Universities, Nov.

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Prandtl: Letter to Hermann Goring, Apr. Prandtl: Attachment to the Letter to Goring, Apr. Ramsauer: Letter to Ludwig Prandtl, June 4, Jordan: Revolution in Science, September Ramsauer: Letter to Ludwig Prandtl, Oct. Ramsauer: Letter to Bernhard Rust, Jan. Prandtl: Letter to Carl Ramsauer, Jan. Graue: Letter to Albert Voegler, Mar. Goering et al. Feitl: War Physics. Karlson: War Physics. Dropping Bombs, May 30, Esau: Budget Memorandum to R. Mentzel, Nov. The five-day workshop immediately following the summer school aims to foster and strengthen a long-lasting, friendly and supportive exchange between automorphic forms researchers in the EU and the US, and to integrate the summer school students into this community.

The organizers have obtained funding to subsidize the costs of successful applicants to the summer school. By building an environment without senior researchers, we hope the participants will feel free to contribute their ideas openly, thus preparing them to undertake their own research projects. The workshop consists mostly of working sessions in which participants collaborate on research problems, and a limited number of talks and lectures. Accommodation and refreshments are provided for all participants, as well as a conference dinner.

A registration fee of GBP is payable by all non-invited participants. We expect to start accepting applications in October The School is primarily intended for PhD students and early career researchers. There is no registration fee and a number of travel stipends will be available. The program includes week-long workshops in Geometry and Topology, Algebra and Number Theory, and Dynamics and Probability, as well as master courses, seminars, and an art exhibition.

Geometric group theory, in the broadest sense, seeks to understand the structure of groups through their actions on objects with geometric meaning. Conversely, one can take a known group and attempt to understand all its geometrically meaningful actions. One natural notion that arises in this setting is an Anosov representation, which came about as an attempt to describe what it means for the action of a discrete group on a homogeneous space to be geometrically well behaved.

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Also, in his Erlangen program, Felix Klein viewed geometry as a space which is invariant under a group of transformations. This gave rise to the notion of a geometric structure, which gives yet another notion of a geometrically meaningful action of a group on a homogeneous space. These particle systems include Gibbs point processes such as Coulomb gases, determinantal point process, eigenvalues of random matrices, etc.

They are linked to mathematical long-standing challenges such as the crystallization and best packing conjectures among others. The general idea behind ROMs is to derive a low-dimensional model from a high-dimensional model, by integrating techniques from data science, modeling, and simulation, in order to obtain accurate and reliable results at greatly reduced computational costs.

  1. Physics and National Socialism : An Anthology of Primary Sources?
  2. FAT DADS: End the Suffering?
  3. Mystical Encounters with the Natural World: Experiences and Explanations.

The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

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Browse by subject. Related subject s :. Event website:. Operational research. Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics. Part of the Semester : Dynamics with Structures. Systems theory, Control and Automation. Event listing ID:. Representation theory is the study of the basic symmetries of mathematics and physics. One-week winter school — Low-Rank Models Optimization, approximation, and applications in data science. Winter Graduate School in Toric Topology.

Two intensive mini-courses will be given over one week by experts on polyhedral products and toric topology. Geometry and Topology. The workshop intentionally focusses on only four main speakers giving a 4-hour mini-course each. Group Theory. This is the forth edition of the winter school held in Toblach in winter , winter and winter Applications that involve HJ PDEs in a high-dimensional and possibly infinite-dimensional setting lead to challenging computational problems. This Spring School will gather together PhD students and junior researchers who use category-theoretic ideas or techniques in their research.

Over the past decades it became evident that a RNA transcripts specific amount and localisation are important in order to understand the biological function of its non- coding gene.

Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference Graph Theory and Combinatorics. Statistics for Indirectly Measured Functional Data. Functional data such as space curves, images, and surfaces are seldom sensed directly; curves are often noisily and discretely sampled, images are subject to blurring and deformation, and surfaces are often obtained via indirect linear measurements.

Part of the Semester : Functional Data Analysis. Probability and Statistics, Game Theory.