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So today why not end with a nice historical metaphor that has something for everyone, and, as an added bonus, might even be true? America provided the bird, Turkey provided the name, and debates about whose religion has the greater capacity for cultural and technological achievement were put off until after the meal. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola.

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  3. (INDIAN) Tall Armenian Tale: The Other Side of the Falsified Genocide.
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  6. Closest-known ancestor of today’s Native Americans found in Siberia | Science | AAAS.

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Closest-known ancestor of today’s Native Americans found in Siberia

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Comment by goyathlay — July 18, pm. Comment by flying naive dog — July 19, am. Comment by goyathlay — July 19, pm. Comment by goyathlay — July 20, am. Haplogroup X two mutations of it found in modern European populations in low frequency and modern Evenks again to a low frequency but at a higher frequency among American Indians. So Turks are related to Europeans Near East, Caucasus and Mediterranean region as well and no this is not a recent derivation, not at 15, years. This is just mtDNA derived from the maternal line. East Africa, moron.

Modern-day Europeans, modern-day Asians and modern-day American Indians trace back to a common ancestry that diverged in what is now the Middle East. All your jibber jabber coming from an idiot that thinks Africans are placed at the bottom rung of evolution when all modern-day populations continued to develop you think Africans are apes or something? Grow some sense. What explains the dolichocephalic skull shape of some human remains found in the Americas? Not all remains are brachycephalic terms I know, dumbshit, considering these are terms often used in arguments against white folks who claim that the Solutrean theory legitimizes a paleo-European presence in the Americas before American Indians.

Human variation within a population, have you heard of it? The Etruscans may have lived in modern-day Turkey but this was back during Anatolian times before the turkish presence in that area. Biggest failure on your part. After all, all modern human groups exist because of that initial migration. Whatever paleo-population that was is long gone by now and developed into different entities that exist as they do now. Your superiority complex is astounding. Hold on a sec: LOL. Hmm, seems quite akin to the ideas being presented by thou thus far. You do accept that you turks are actually Black Africans and all your heritage is Black African, correct?

How does the shoe fit on the other foot? This will probably fly over your head anyway. Mayatepek was one of them.

Turks and American Indians | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Even turks on a certain messageboard steppes is the keyword here know that idiots like you employ fringe theorists and manipulation of genetics and linguistics particularly the latter, as it was mentioned in one thread by clowns like you. I use that term loosely because I could just as well be talking about your sockpuppets.

Look at it that way. It should clear your head a bit. Comment by Lurtz — July 21, am. Comment by goyathlay — July 21, pm. Nope, one is a dead link and the other did not turn up any results in Google when it was typed as presented into the search engine. Cry moar, faggot. There are agglutinative African languages Swahili, dumbass , Bantu is another agglutinative language belonging to the Niger-Congo family of African languages.

Igbo is another agglutinative African language.

The People of the Horse - National Geographic

A number of nearly extinct languages forming the Great Andamese group Aka-khol, Aka-cari, etc are agglutinative. Your fail. Where did I mention a disconnect in human relations? Can you read, gimp?

A trail of DNA

Did it fly over your head when I mentioned that all humans derived from a paleo population that migrated out of Africa? Focusing on only one aspect pretty much discloses much of your cultural favoritism which conveniently aggrandizes your supremacist and nationalistic views.

Arabs preserved what the Greeks studied in terms of medicine. Yet you turks hate the Sinos. In essence, your nationalistic tendencies are ludicrously tragic. Africans founded your civilization and brought it out to the rest of the world as they migrated throughout the Old World. Go ahead, keep on denying what the general consensus on human origin postulates: that Africa is the cradle of humanity. Funny how you conveniently forget this little fact and instead focus on turanian ideology like turks appeared out of nowhere.

Comment by Lurtz — July 21, pm. Comment by goyathlay — July 22, am. Way to misinterpret scientific findings. They still do to this day. The lynchpin of your arguments is that the Central Eurasian ancestor of many human groups in the surrounding area was a turk.

Not one paper describes such an identity. Notice the usage of the word Central Asian or Eurasian in some rare cases. Ancient Central Eurasian populations founded many other groups that inhabit places like the Indus valley and even Europe.

That population itself was derived from another ancestral population that began in East Africa M aka Eurasian Adam all mutations derive from that.